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September 23rd 2014

>According to the new Billionaire Census from Wealth-X and UBS, the world’s billionaires are holding an average of $600 million in cash each. That marks a jump of $60 million from a year ago and translates into billionaires’ holding an average of 19 percent of their net worth in cash. “This increased liquidity signals that many billionaires are keeping their money on the sidelines and waiting for the optimal moment to make further investments,” the study said.

>Hundreds of tractors and trailers of the farmers converged on Friday evening before the building of the Agricultural Social Insurance (MSA) in the town of Morlaix (Brittany). There they dumped unsold potatoes and artichokes before the MSA-building and added pallets and tires setting the entire lot on fire. Thereafter, the farmers moved on to the tax office set that on fire as well. The protests also took place in numerous other places as well, however, only these two government buildings were totally destroyed.

>The background is that for years the bureaucracy for farmers have magnified the economic decline and their plight with constant new regulation of everything. The economic situation of farming in Europe has been seriously pushed too far with the US sanctions against Russia. The agricultural crisis caused by Obama is increasingly deteriorating with far too many farmers throughout Europe losing everything.

>Taliban reject Afghan unity government pact as U.S. ‘sham’, says they will continue to fight until American influence is out of the country and a jihadist Islamic government is in power.

>Israel’s Mossad advertises for foreign spies and informants online.

>British PM Cameron tried to head off a rebellion in his Conservative party over a promise of new powers for Scotland, highlighting the difficulty of giving Scots what they want after last week’s referendum on Scottish independence.

>Ebola anti-viral drug “ZMapp” out of supply worldwide

>200+ more dead from the 72 hour lockdown in Liberia. official death toll now 2800…

>…Ebola death toll being severely undercounted?

>anyone infected with Ebola to be forcibly removed from home and put into isolation in Liberia

> CDC scientists conclude there may be as many as 21,000 reported and unreported cases just in Liberia and Sierra Leone as soon as the end of this month. They also predict that the two countries could have a staggering 550,000 to 1.4 million cases by February.

>Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia might join the fight against the IS

>Obama’s United Nations ambassador Samantha Power told Chuck Todd of NBC on Sunday the real purpose of the fight against ISIS is to overthrow al-Assad and the Syrian government.

>130,000+ Kurdish Syrian refugees are fleeing to turkey

>Islamic State attack on Iraqi base leaves hundreds missing, shows army weaknesses

>North Korea is developing new missiles capable of carrying tactical nuclear warheads

>Alibaba stock falls 4%, pressure already mounting to deliver on game changing promises

>The Clinton global initiative meeting was established in 2005 as a three-day wonkathon that took advantage of the spotlight of the other gathering — the annual United Nations General Assembly meeting — to draw attention to development issues and other concerns. Ten meetings later, the Clinton Global Initiative now outshines the U.N. gathering, at least when it comes to star wattage. It also serves as an annual company picnic and convocation of the faithful for the Clintons’ far-flung political and business networks.

>Julian Assange: “There now six million people in the United States with security clearances. That is in effect a state within a state. Why is it a state within a state? Because people that have security clearances have extra laws that they are meant to obey. That is extremely alarming [at the] moment, if we go back to 2010, just back to when it was 2.5 million. So there has been more than a doubling in the size of the National Security State within the US in just 4-5 years”

>Robots That Learn Through Repetition, Not Programming: A startup says getting a robot to do things should be less about writing code and more like animal training.

>drone with arms can turn valves, wheels, doorknobs. Also printable robots.

>Researchers from NCSU have been developing a way to control the surface tension of liquid metals with the application of very low voltages. This may offer opportunities in a new field of morphing electronic circuits, self-healing electronics, or – one day – maybe even self-assembling terminator-style robots. The liquid metal used by the researchers was an alloy of gallium and indium. Gallium is liquid just above room temperature at about 29° C (84° F), while Indium has a much higher melting point at around 156° C (312° F), yet when mixed together, they form an alloy that is liquid at room temperature. In other words, a eutectic alloy – one that is composed of metals with disparate melting points that, when combined, melt as a whole at a specific temperature.

>futurist believes we will have our “digital twins” created in 5 years, they will act as personal secretaries

>The new app that allows blind people to listen to an audio readback of printed text is receiving rave reviews after its first day of availability and is being heralded as a life-changer by many people.–finance.html

>A New Wave Of Central American Kids Will Reach The US Soon According To Experts

>house republicans demand obama reveal his executive orders

>Hispanic Caucus “Lets” Obama Delay Executive Amnesty Again, This Time to Protect Mary Landreiu in Dec. Runoff

>Biden makes promise Obama will do “an awful lot” on immigration reform

>hospitals across America are wildly inflating medical bills

>Mysterious Georgia Guidestones Get Strange ‘2014’ Update

>climate change protestors trash New York City streets during their march

>White House fence jumper had 800 rounds of ammunition and machete in car parked a few blocks away

>secret service discusses putting up checkpoints around the White House.

>the independent: what does human meat taste like?

>3 missing afghan soldiers from cape cod found at Canadian border…