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September 21st, 2014

>American politics completely falling apart and degrading rapidly:

>Why would anyone want to talk about immigration, terrorism, gun control or the national debt, when there’s Alison Lundergan Grimes’ bus, John Walsh’s thesis, Bruce Braley’s chickens and Pat Roberts’ recliner? “Gotcha stories” — ranging from those tangentially related to issues of the day to the completely ephemeral and even absurd — have been front and center in an abnormally large number of top races this year. And many of the most memorable hits bear the hallmarks of opposition research — the unglamorous grunt work of combing through public records and, increasingly, tracking candidates in search of a compromising vote, court filing, financial transaction or quote. In an election in which candidates have mostly dodged the big issues facing the country, the dark art known as “oppo” seems to be filling the void. And the trend lines suggest oppo’s golden age may just be beginning.

>8 ways obama is blocking information to the public

>congress democrats distancing themselves away from Obama by not mentioning him in their speeches. Obama was mentioned in their speeches about 200 times a month during 2009-2010, and now in 2014 he’s barely mentioned at all.

>operational details of Ebola quarantine zones and martial law enforcement in the u.s.

>Some in Sierra Leone ran away from their homes Saturday and others clashed with health workers trying to bury dead Ebola victims as the country struggled through the second day of an unprecedented lockdown to combat the deadly disease.

>a plan by U.S. protesters and militia against illegal immigration to block traffic at more than a dozen border crossings in the southwest on Saturday was canceled after organizers said they received online threats from Mexican drug cartels.

>massive explosion at military plant in east Ukraine, Kiev accuses Russia of NUKING them!!

>Russia nuke bomber jets come to close to crossing international airspace into U.S. and NATO airspace.

>China plans nuke submarines in South China Sea, near the U.S. coast

>Army chief of staff Gen. Raymond Odierno said Friday that more U.S. ground troops will deploy to Iraq to train local forces fighting Islamic militants. “We are going to increase a little bit. As we do that, I think we have to do an assessment of how well that’s going.” There are currently more than 1,600 U.S. troops in Iraq, providing security to U.S. diplomatic personnel and property and advising local forces.

>limited air strikes on ISIS will only strengthen them

>Obama under pressure to break his pledge “no boots on ground”

>the now iconic white Toyota trucks we see ISIS driving around look scarily familiar to ones purchased here in the states and outfitted by special forces which puts to rest the notion that ISIS simply ran up to a dealership in Iraq and made off with 30 vehicles. They aren’t even SOLD in Iraq and certainly not with these modifications. When you combine this latest discovery with the fact that “ISIS” has 1. U.S. military small arms 2. U.S. military Humvees 3. U.S. military artillery 4. U.S. citizens running their online social media campaigns 5. John McCain met with destabilization campaign terrorists in Syria including someone from the newly formed “ISIS” in March of 2013… what conclusion would a reasonable person come to?

>support for moderate syrian rebels includes a group named after an infamous Christian-massacring body-chopping leader of the syrian province

>ISIS strongly supported by NATO member Turkey

>ISIS releases 49 Turkish hostages, no details on why or how

>The Department of Justice (DOJ) is responsible for enforcing the law, providing federal leadership in preventing crime and punishing those guilty of illegal behavior yet it allows its own officials to get away with all sorts of appalling crimes and transgressions. As if this weren’t bad enough, the DOJ also protects its perpetrators, covering up their name and allowing them to keep their lucrative government jobs. Even the agency watchdog, which is charged with rooting out corruption, conceals crucial information about unscrupulous DOJ officials, including those in high-ranking positions. Now a national newspaper chain offers insight into this astounding cover-up scheme with documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act by Judicial Watch.

>a billionaires mission to “cure” death

>A group of students at SRM University led by Sobin Santhosh, final year student in the Aerospace department, have designed and implemented an autonomous copter equipped with an automatic face and person recognition system

>robot room service in California hotel.

>Goodell said that within the next 30 days, all NFL and team personnel will participate in education sessions on domestic violence and sexual assault. The memo said the league will work with the union in providing the “information and tools to understand and recognize domestic violence and sexual assault.” The league will provide financial, operational and promotional support to the National Domestic Violence Hotline and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center.

>White House intruder questions: why was the door unlocked? Why wasn’t the K-9 unit used?

>intruder claims to be Iraq vet, he was equipped with a knife, and says he had an important message he needed to tell Obama!!

>multiple intruders on White House property recently!!!

>Food allergies affect an estimated 15 million Americans, including one in 13 children. Statistics indicate something strange is afoot, as food allergies in children rose by 50 percent between 1997 and 2011 alone. Similarly, in Great Britain one in three people are allergic to something, be it pollen, dust mites, or food.1 Previous research has drawn parallels between the rise in allergies and increased antibiotic and antimicrobial use. One study showed exposure to antibiotics early in life increased the risk of eczema in children by 40 percent. Other research has shown how genetically engineered foods and the use of the agricultural herbicide glyphosate destroys gut bacteria, thereby promoting allergies.