September 18th, 2014

>After registering slightly higher trust last year, Americans’ confidence in the media’s ability to report “the news fully, accurately, and fairly” has returned to its previous all-time low of 40%.

>The House on Wednesday passed legislation to audit the Federal Reserve System. Passed 333-92, the bill would require the comptroller general to conduct an audit of the Federal Reserve’s board of governors and banks within one year and submit a report to Congress on the findings.

>IMF ironically says “excessive financial market bets” is risky…setting the stage for an economic collapse to be blamed on us, the people….When they are the ones who created all the debt and risk.

>The world economy is going through a rough patch, yet the world’s billionaire population is at an all-time high. A new survey shows that 155 new billionaires were minted this year, pushing the total population to a record 2,325 – a 7 percent increase from 2013.

>new record for average price of ground beef: $4 a pound

>6000 u.n. troops called “peacekeepers” stationed in Liberia are NOT on a public health mission and have no health care operations training.

>unprecedented public health operation by u.s. military presents logistical challenges. How do you prevent soldiers from catching Ebola?

>u.s. health officials seemingly can’t answer any important questions about the troop deployment, including “how many physicians and nurses would be among the 3,000 troops allocated or what type of protective equipment and training would be employed to prevent infection.”

>SNOWDEN, NSA and ISRAEL: N.S.A. is routinely passing along the private communications of Americans to a large and very secretive Israeli military organization known as Unit 8200. This transfer of intercepts included the contents of the communications as well as metadata such as who was calling whom. Typically, when such sensitive information is transferred to another country, it would first be “minimized,” meaning that names and other personally identifiable information would be removed. But when sharing with Israel, the N.S.A. evidently did not ensure that the data was modified in this way.

>study concludes snowden leaks didn’t help terrorists

>The 21-member nonpartisan committee, appointed by the Institute of Medicine, the independent research arm of the National Academy of Sciences, called for sweeping overhaul of “end of life care”

>physicans foundation survey: 46% of doctors grade obamacare an F or D.

>Apple will no longer unlock most iPhones and iPads for police, even with search warrants

>pocket sized drone being funded by u.s. Air Force.

>drone with mechanical arms being designed by Spanish engineers.

>new radar gun to detect texting while driving!!!

>5000 year old Mesopotamian moon god “sin” monument unearthed in Israel.

>power and lights go off for 1 min during House climate change hearing with science czar Holdren


>LEGALIZE HEROIN!!! LEGALIZE ALL DRUGS!!! Prohibition does not and never will work.