September 15th, 2014

>U.S.-based accounts at Citigroup Inc, Deutsche Bank AG, and Bank of America Corp were used to channel tens of millions of dollars’ worth of global drug money that was sent to shady Colombian currency brokerages

>The European Union sought ways on Saturday to marshal billions of euros into its sluggish economy without getting deeper into debt, from considering options from a pan-European capital market to a huge investment fund. European companies rely on banks to provide 80 per cent of loans, but banks are reluctant to lend following the worst crisis in a generation.

>Liberians are now on their own against the Ebola fight

>meanwhile, a black market for an Ebola treatment derived from the blood of survivors is emerging in West African countries

>internally the u.s. is confused and has mixed messages about what kind of force ISIS really has become

>has the u.s. been supporting al-Qaeda in Iraq and Syria this entire time???

>500 million dollars to be spent training and arming 5000 syrian rebels???

>Obama hits record low approval on his foreign policy

>deep distrust in the Middle East leaves many countries not wanting to help the u.s. against ISIS

>Obama using Bush’s law to fight ISIS, the same law he pledged to repeal

>NATO begins arming Ukrainians

>u.s. cancels annual joint military exercise with Russian, cites the reason “because of situtation in Ukraine”

>120 billion dollars planned for reconstruction projects while “the country remains under assault by insurgents and is short of domestic revenue, plagued by corruption, afflicted by criminal elements involved in opium and smuggling, and struggling to execute the basic functions of government,” says John F. Sopko, the U.S. special inspector general for Afghanistan

>Of 2,900 whistleblower cases last year, 1,400 involved retaliation against whistleblowers including everything from labeling them terrorists to losing their jobs

>Chinese billionaire gives Harvard it’s biggest donation ever received, $350 million dollars, “to study the complex health threat of gun violence challenging the u.s. and the world”

>”Today” show tells us to defend ourselves and our homes with….car keys and wasp spray

>Mexico president says texas national guard on the border is “reprehensible”

>DHS fining American citizens $5000 for “illegally” crossing border, while border control bakes birthday cakes for illegal immigrants

>The lawsuit, by a Greek shipping magnate, accuses United Against Nuclear Iran of falsely accusing him of doing business with Iran. The businessman, Victor Restis, subpoenaed the group for its donor list and all information it had collected about him. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. intervened on Friday to dismiss a lawsuit that does not focus on government activity. “There is no precedent, literally, for what the government is attempting to do,” said Abbe D. Lowell, a lawyer for Mr. Restis.

>Antarctica has record breaking ice coverage. Global warming confirmed for JOKE.

>Democratic appointees who hear cases full time now hold a majority of seats on nine of the 13 United States Courts of Appeals. When Mr. Obama took office, only one of those courts had more full-time judges nominated by a Democrat.

>In one of America’s richest towns residents are paying more than ten times the going rate for water in a desperate attempt to keep their lives normal and unaffected by the drought

>u.s. ranks 32 out of 34 on how industrialized nations run their taxes, based on competitiveness and neutrality.

>school in England is using biometric fingerprint and palm scanners to have a cashless school system so students diets will be monitored

>cellphone user walking lanes in china. Now you can be a smartphone zombie walking through public feel safer about it, knowing you are in the smartphone zombie walking lane


>NFL says 25% of players will have permanent brain damage

>NFL has a unit set up like the FBI made up of former decorated law enforcement officials who act as defenders of the NFLs public relations–nfl.html

>European Union fears more countries to declare independence;_ylt=AwrTWfwpsBVUegIAKoPQtDMD

>ron pauls “audit the fed” bill lives on!!!!