September 10th, 2014

>Bush-Saudi connection can no longer be ignored

>Scotland to be ruined financially, as asset managers, investors and pension savers pull out billions from Scotland, while the UK will “negotiate” how much gold they give Scotland

>House leader Pelosi wants to destroy the internet in order to save it

> Obama asserts himself by having the DOJ republish Bush’s excuse for using surveillance programs like Stellar Wind

>federal government forces schools to accept illegal immigrant children without medical screening

>as the world collapses with 50+ million people being displaced, Italy is being overran and destabilized the most

>one of the best alternative news sources targeted by IRS

>biometrics and implants are getting closer…

>regulations for drone highways in low altitudes now being written

>MH17: no clear cut answers, only more questions…

>Police brutality and unconstitutional acts continues…

>Russia to develop new nuclear weapons from 2016-2025, while they test their current arsenal

>Satanism spreading out of the new world order and into the mainstream

>more Ebola patients being brought to the u.s. than being reported

>the West through NATO, has coup’d Ukraine and put in nazis

>Mayor de Blasio does not have security clearance to get classified information from the feds — ­unlike his two predecessors — and he has never even bothered to apply for it. NWO operative knows his place.


>upcoming device called Cyborg Unplug will allow you to disrupt the connections of drones, Google glass, wireless microphones, and other devices to your WiFi connection

>militia to protect the open border, because the government won’t.

>EU continuing to fight google